Real-Time Drilling Software

Providing solutions that integrate diverse technologies, processes, people, and facilities, to make global oil and gas operations safer and more efficient

Intellifield is the industry leading independent supplier of Integrated Collaboration Environments (ICE) and real-time decision making tools used in the Intelligent Oilfield.

Intellifield is able to provide all required components for an integrated operations or digital oilfield initiative including:

·       Analysis of current work practices and how they can be transformed into a real-time environment

·       Design and construction of new facilities for collaboration and integration        

·       Real-time data management and visualisation tools     

·      Software applications essential to the efficient operation of the Intelligent Oilfield        

Our vendor-neutral environments allow engineers, geoscientists, and managers to collaborate with intuitive, simple access to all required data, resulting in faster decisions, and more efficient and safer field operations.

Real-time data management, visualisation and analysis 
The core component of an Integrated Collaboration Environment is a global real-time data management infrastructure designed for mass collaboration. Intellifield provides a Web 2.0-based infrastructure designed to ensure that all data from all data providers on the rig, platform, or field site is accessible in real-time to all decision makers, regardless of their physical location. The infrastructure also ensures that all information derived from onshore QC, modeling, interpretation, and analysis is available back on the rig, platform, or field site. This real-time data management infrastructure allows our customers to take complete and immediate control of their data from all service companies and measurement devices in a fully secure manner. In addition, it allows automatic data flow into analysis and interpretation packages and creates a distributed environment for real-time decision-making. All decision makers have access to the same data.


Intellifield real-time data management infrastructures are designed to be seamlessly interfaced with all of our customer’s current and future service companies, vendors, data providers, and software applications. This single real-time infrastructure replaces all individual data transfer services currently provided by LWD service providers, mud logging companies, drilling instrumentation companies, and companies providing predictive maintenance of equipment on the rig.


Intellifield offers industry-leading visualisation tools ranging from a 3D animated overview of all operations to individual tools for analysing the finest details of any sensor on the rig or platform or field site. Further intelligence is provided in real-time by use of vendor-neutral real-time quality control tools and automated and/or advanced analysis tools to assist in the decision making environment.

ICE facilities

Intellifield designs, constructs, and commissions Integrated Collaboration Environments (ICE) for the Intelligent Oilfield.  These environments incorporate state-of-the-art audio/visual equipment and collaboration tools, and are designed by understanding real-time work processes related to drilling and production optimisation. We customise each facility by mapping these new real-time work processes into technical requirements for each facility.  

These environments create value for your organisation by providing:

·         Collaboration across disciplines, companies, and locations         

·         Real-time access to data for all decision makers regardless of location    

·         Software tools for performing real-time analysis and decision making

Real-Time Drilling Center: Supports real-time drilling decision-making for one or several rigs.

Production Optimisation Center: Onshore support center for production platform surveillance and improved production optimisation, support for one or several rigs.

3D Visualisation Rooms: World class immersive 3D environment for faster and more efficient well planning, multi-discipline collaboration, and real-time 3D data integration.

ICE design and consulting services

Our ICE design and consulting professionals work in partnership with our customers to analyse their current real-time operations. We assist our customers in designing modified or new work processes and providing the real-time data management infrastructure, real-time quality control, and real-time analysis applications required to support them.

We then work with our customers to either modify existing facilities or to design new facilities that will support these new real-time work processes. We provide full-cycle project delivery, from the initial concept stage through complete project management of the physical installation including training and change management. Once these stages are complete, we offer continuing operational support and maintenance services for the facilities, real-time data management infrastructure, and supporting applications.