F & G Systems

1. F&G Device

Gas Detector

Including Infrared, Catalytic, Electrochemical and MOS Type with following characteristics:

-  Single or dual independent channel universal transmitter.

- Single or dual sensor with automatic identification, diagnostic and configuration.

-  4-20 mA and ModBus RTU interface for direct communication to any control device or PLC.

-  Display with 4 digits or 8 LEDs.

-  Available in Light Alloy Cooper free and stainless steel.

-  SIL2 Approved.

Flame Detector

Including IR, IR3, UV, UV/IR, and UV/IR3 with following characteristics:

-  Wide field of view for greater fire detection coverage.

-  Multiple output options: mA, relays, RS 485 ModBus, Hart.

-  Wide operating temperature range permits operation at higher ambient temperature.

- Lower power requirements.

-  Available in stainless steel.

-  SIL2 Approved by TUV according to IEC 61508.

Heat Detector

-  Combine rate of rise and fixed temp heat detector.

-  ATEX certified and safe area.

- Conventional and Addressable.

-  Integrated junction box or detector base.

-  Not influenced by dust, humidity, and exhaust gases.

-  Two wires technology.

- Low power consumption.

Smoke Detector

-  Conventional and Addressable.

- Remote Indicator output.

- Wide voltage range (6~ 33 V dc).

-  Flashing LEDs allow 360 degree viewing.

- Approved by LPCB & VdS.

Notification Devices


-  ATEX certified and safe area.

-  Conventional and Addressable.

- Various materials.

-  Tones can be programmed to customer's specification.

- Sounder & beacon combination units available.


-  ATEX certified and safe area.

- Conventional and Addressable.

-  Various materials.

-  High Output (Up to 21 Joules).

- Various lens colors.

Manual Call Point

-  ATEX certified and safe area.

-  Conventional and Addressable.

- Various materials.

-  Robust yet lightweight.

-  Easy to maintain.

2.  Fire and Gas System

- Distributed Fire & Gas detection for medium to large applications.

- Provides intelligent MODBUS interface to DCS, ESD, and PLC.

-  Allows for various level of redundancy.

-  Operate as a stand-alone or as part of a system with single or redundant CPU.

-  Interfaces to VDU, printer and modem.

-  Fiber optic link for large distances.

-  Battery and charger integrated.

- Up to 254 control cards in a system.

-  Up to 10,000 in networked devices.

-  Support for 2-wire addressable devices (3-wires for flame and gas detectors.)

- Support for conventional 2-wire devices.